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Why You Can Consider Modern Management For Endpoints​

Manage in Real Time from the Cloud​ Simplify IT Operations Harden Windows Security​
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Touching Lives Through Technology

Manage In Real Time From The Cloud

Cloud-native PC lifecycle management ensures line of sight into every PC, across any network. Goes beyond mobile device management (MDM) to deliver complete Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), including PC management workloads from the cloud and automation to speed modernization.

Exploring Real-World Success Stories

Profectus Capital Meets Security Compliances with VMware

Profectus Capital, a leading non-banking financial company regulated by the Reserve Bank of India, specializes in offering financing solutions to SMEs in manufacturing and service industries. With a focus on digital transformation, Profectus Capital sought to enhance security compliances while optimizing productivity across their operations.

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Exploring Real-World Success Stories

Netcore Cloud Optimizes IT Operations with VMware Workspace ONE

Netcore Cloud, pioneers in AI/ML-powered marketing automation and customer engagement, caters to B2C brands with an array of solutions for customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. As their business evolved from conventional email marketing to modern IT consulting, Netcore recognized the need for a robust IT infrastructure and remote work flexibility. VMware Workspace ONE, equipped with macOS management capabilities, enabled Netcore to efficiently scale while providing a seamless employee experience, offering over-the-air provisioning and zero-touch onboarding for Mac users.

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Elevating End User Experiences, Empowering Business Success

Identity and Access Management Integration​

Integrate with on-premise AD and SaaS IDP solutions like Azure AD, JumpCloud Ping, Okta, OneLogin to enforce Conditional Access. Federate your SaaS Apps to Workspace ONE to enforce conditional and context based authentication.

Windows Management​

Transition from Legacy PCLM to Modern Windows Device Management with Ease Comprehensive Windows device management through automation. It simplifies enrollment, configures security settings, and automates patch deployment. With app management and remote troubleshooting, it ensures seamless Windows device performance, all driven by efficient automation processes

Mac Management​

Elevate macOS Management: Automate, Secure, and Unify. A comprehensive solution for managing and securing macOS endpoints. This includes streamlined enrollment, policy configuration, app management, security enforcement, and remote troubleshooting. We will help you with efficient Mac management within a unified platform, enhancing productivity and maintaining security standards and get rid of siloed solutions.

Linux Management

Empower Linux Devices with Unified Management. Extend management capabilities to Linux devices, streamlining enrollment, configuration, app deployment, and security enforcement. Enjoy automated updates, compliance checks, and remote support, enhancing Linux device performance. We can help you to choose an unified platform for efficient Linux management, driving productivity and ensuring security compliance.

Android Management

Unlock Android's Potential: Control, Secure, Succeed." Enrollment and Configuration: Effortlessly onboard Android devices, configure settings remotely, and ensure uniformity across your fleet. Security and Compliance: Protect sensitive data with enforced security measures, remote device lock/wipe, and adherence to compliance standards. App and Content Management: Seamlessly deploy and manage apps, content, and updates, optimizing productivity on Android devices. Remote Troubleshooting: Resolve issues swiftly through remote troubleshooting, reducing downtime and boosting user satisfaction. User-Centric Experience: Enable self-service capabilities, empowering users while maintaining control and security.

Unified App Store and SSO

Unified App Store: Streamline Access, Elevate Efficiency, Single Sign-On Simplified. Unified App Store offers a centralized hub for accessing a variety of applications, including web apps, native apps, virtual apps, and more. With Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, users can log in once to gain seamless access to all their authorized applications, enhancing productivity and user experience. This eliminates the need for multiple login credentials and simplifies the authentication process. Users can discover, request, and access apps from a unified interface, while IT maintains control over app distribution, security policies, and user access rights. The integration of SSO enhances security by reducing the risk of password-related vulnerabilities and improving user satisfaction through a frictionless experience.

Enforcee Compliance

Enforce Compliance as per various compliance requirement and accelerate ISMS and ISO Journey. Ensuring Security and Policy Adherence. Monitor devices for compliance with security protocols, track user activities, and enforce policies. Gain real-time insights into compliance status and take action to mitigate risks. Maintain a secure environment while facilitating efficient business operations. With Workspace ONE Compliance, stay ahead in safeguarding your digital landscape

Business Mobility

Remote Workforce Efficiency: Enable seamless work from anywhere, increasing Android and iOS device productivity. App Management Simplified: Streamline app deployment, updates, and access, enhancing Android and iOS user experiences. BYOD Harmony: Securely integrate personal devices, fostering Android and iOS productivity while ensuring data protection. Data Security Reinforced: Enforce policies to safeguard sensitive information on Android and iOS devices, ensuring compliance. Unified Management: Control Android and iOS devices on one platform, streamlining management and boosting security.


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